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Monday, August 10, 2020 Hide
Activity Time
Guppies - L0
Ages 6 months – 3 years. This is a water exploration experience for both parent and child. Adults will be taught to help children learn water adjustment, use of supported floats, kicks, and assisted entries through instruction, songs and games.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Guppies L0 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
Bubble Blowers L1
Ages 2 1/2 and older can adjust to the water in a swim lesson setting. Instructors focus on introducing the following skills: water entries and exits, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, kicking, arm movements, body position, and supported locomotion.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Bubble Blowers L1 - Member Please Login $43.00
Bubble Blowers L1 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
Starfish L2
Pre-requisite: Level 1 Instructors will build on prior water abilities focusing on the following basic skills: floating, gliding, retrieving underwater objects, and unsupported swimming on front and back.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Starfish L2 - Member Please Login $43.00
Starfish L2 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
Duckies L3
Pre-requisite: Level 2 Students at this level will learn the front crawl and elementary backstroke. Instructors will introduce treading water, diving, rhythmic breathing, and promote water safety. Most skills will be performed independently.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Duckies L3 - Member Please Login $43.00
Duckies L3 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
Seals L4
Pre-requisite: Level 3 Students will work on their endurance during the front and back crawl strokes. They will be introduced to breaststroke, new ways of treading water, diving, and rotary breathing.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Seals L4 - Member Please Login $43.00
Seals L4 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
Dolphins L5
Pre-requisite: Level 4 Students will work on improving existing skills while increasing endurance. They will be introduced to the butterfly, competitive dives, and open turns.
Location: Trout Creek Rec Center
Dolphins L5 - Member Please Login $43.00
Dolphins L5 - Guest $49.00 $49.00
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