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Trout Creek
Trout Creek Access
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Trout Creek Access

    Anyone accessing Trout Creek Recreation Center requires a reservation except for children under age 2.

    There are two distinct service areas at Trout Creek Recreation Center for which to reserve a time slot – the Gym and the Lap Pool. A reservation for one service area DOES NOT get you access to the other service areas. For example, a Gym reservation will not provide access to the Lap Pool and vice versa.            

    You may select one 90-minute time slot for the gym area and 45-minute time slot for the lap pool area per member/guest per day. You may not reserve multiple time slots for the same service area on the same day. All users will be asked to leave the facility after their 45 or 90-minute time slot so staff can clean and sanitize the area.              

    Please avoid arriving at Trout Creek Recreation Center more than 5 minutes prior to your time slot.          

    You must have a member card for each adult with a member reservation. Unaccompanied guests must have 1 guest card for every 4 people.                        

    All reservation sales are final. No refunds or cancellations, including due to weather.

    Click here for complete Trout Creek Access Rules.

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